Is This The End of Car Ownership?

The Flying Car Show Stacey Randecker
Co-Host, The Flying Car Show

SiriusXM Mitch Dornich
Vice President Product, Connected Vehicle, SiriusXM

MarketsandMarkets Lisa Whalen
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Vice President, Automotive & Transportation, MarketsandMarkets

Zipcar Jeff Prus
Vice President, Product and Member Experience, Zipcar

Silvercar by Audi Courtney Lowell
Head of Communications, Silvercar by Audi

Explore how the latest external trends (urbanization and government intervention) and internal trends (electrification and autonomous drive systems) have led to a change in how people move from A to B.

  • Transformative technologies will require existing rules of the road to be rewritten and require the industry to move forward hand-in-hand with consumers and society like never before. Discover how revolutions in shared mobility models, electrification and autonomous vehicles will shape the way people access transportation and move throughout the world
  • Explore the role of the vehicle in a multimodal transportation systems from shared first/last mile solutions from suburb stations to shared pick-up services
  • How to deliver multimodal mobility as a service in an efficient and user-friendly way using the best user interface, apps and payment systems

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