Implementing Hyper Connectivity - 5G, DSRC & CV2X

SFB Consulting Scott Belcher
President & CEO, SFB Consulting

Waycare Noam Maital
CEO, Waycare

Central Ohio Transit Micheal Carroll
Chief Information Officer, Central Ohio Transit

Qualcomm James Misener
Senior Director, Technical Standards, Qualcomm

Toyota Info Technology Center Hongsheng Lu
Researcher, Toyota Info Technology Center

Connectivity is a critical element for CV's and AV's, they use wireless signals to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure. Create a realistic map for the network required for AV's and smart mobility.

  • Some OEM's embrace 5G, others DSRC. Which of these technologies will prevail? Understand the merits of these spectrums and implications on your product strategy
  • Hear from professionals representing leading global OEM's that have taken different approaches to connected vehicle tech and understand the pros and cons
  • Explore the costs, coverage and rollout implications of 5G vs DSRC and debate whether the technology reached a point where policymakers can proceed with one over another

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