Panel Discussion: Intelligent Connectivity - The fusion between 5G, IoT and AI

Orange Business Services Patrick Jeanbart
Head of Connected Services, Orange Business Services

IBM Mardan Kerimov
Managing Consultant, IBM

Ericsson Juergen Daunis
Sales Director Automotive, Ericsson

Wards Intelligence Doug Newcomb
Senior Industry Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Verizon Anthony Magnan
5G Solutions Engineer, Verizon

  • How is Artificial Intelligence impacting the automotive industry and what the future holds for the connected car
  • Find out how combined technologies will transform the auto industry into a digital service business
  • Find out how OMEs are reducing warranty / recalls costs and powering new business models by collecting and analysing car sensor data to get closer to the drivers
  • Learn how operators are driving new usages, improving TCO and user experience by offering both telematics and consumer services on one single SIM-card
  • Discover how 5G is becoming the future of autonomous vehicles, with its high-speed data rates, network slicing capabilities and very low latencies Explore the opportunities that As-a-service cloud architectures and Artificial Intelligence are creating to take V2X communications to the next level

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