A Scenario-Based Approach for Verification, Validation and Homologation of Highly Automated Vehicles

AVL Vivek Jaikamal
Business Development Manager, AVL

There is common agreement that validation of SAE Level 4 and 5 (highly automated vehicles) systems based on miles driven is neither feasible nor economical. Moreover, testing on public roads has severe limitations and hazards. A comprehensive scenario-based verification and validation methodology is needed in order to ensure safety in the entire operational design domain. We will present a complete and systematic approach to generate operational scenarios, create the relevant test cases and execute testing and homologation of automated driving functions in combined virtual and real road environments.

  • A comprehensive scenario-based verification & validation framework to ensure safety of autonomous vehicles
  • A holistic approach from virtual (model based) to road testing
  • Correlation of virtual and real world to ensure reliable test results
  • Legislative and homologation considerations for autonomous vehicles

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