Leapfroggers & game-changers: How key OEMs bring connected mobility to market in 6 months and at a fraction of typical investments. Are you keeping up?

LogiGo Automotive Jeff Jorge
Executive Leadership, LogiGo Automotive

So here we are. A time when the last screen vying for humanity’s attention has yet to be truly and fully conquered.

The list of impediments is long. And it stares back at you - the OEM or Tier 1 systems integrator. It is a familiar list; a litany of urgent frustrations on the road to deploying market-leading connected mobility/infotainment systems:

  • Concept-to-production lead times not fast enough
  • Budget overruns due to exorbitant development funding needs and high piece price production systems
  • “Me too” functionality in a fast-evolving, fiercely competitive consumer market
  • Unaddressed concerns over data ownership and privacy
  • Lack of true monetization of the current mobility ecosystem - and poor preparation for the future thereof.
  • And many more.

In this session, attendees will walk away with actionable, production-based insights and methodologies to addressing the sector’s most common challenges in deploying connected mobility infotainment systems, including how to:

  • Lead the sector - instead of imitate the competition.
  • Better anticipate the future - and extract leading indicators to winning feature and system functionality ahead of the market.
  • Beat the market with *truly* useful functionality - instead of being second (or third or fourth…)-to-market
  • Stop over-spending - and begin to draw real value from investments at a fair market price. 
  • Attain real ownership over data and privacy - instead of relinquishing them away. 
  • Accomplish what no other OEM in North America has done to date - across multiple market, regulatory and monetization dimensions.

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