Panel Discussion: Behind the Curtain of Closed Environment AV and V2X Testing

Changan US R&D Center, Inc Radovan Miucic
Technical Specialist, Changan US R&D Center, Inc

Dactle Michael DeKort
CEO and Founder, Dactle

Unity Technologies Jose De Oliveira
Engineer Manager for Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Unity Technologies

ABI Research James Hodgson
Research Analyst - Autonomous Driving and Location Tech, ABI Research

  • Understand how scenario modelling can be applied to simulator based validation approaches to ensure level 4 system reliability in any eventuality
  • Consider how simulator based approaches focused on virtual environments can be utilized to not only test but also train autonomous vehicle systems
  • Move from the lab to the test track to understand how the current crop of test centers are the key to obtaining real world validation of software based test results

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