New regulations and opportunities from government tested technologies

FMCSA Amy Houser
General Engineer, FMCSA

FMCSA Deborah Freund
Senior Transportation Specialist, FMCSA

New legislation has introduced new opportunities for systems development.  Learn how the government is to spur profits for the fleet management and logistics solutions industry 

  1. Get the details on the DOT’s proposed regulation on electronic on-board recorders for hours-of-service monitoring and how it came about.
  2. Learn more about the proposed changes in recording methods and off-board communications technologies.
  3. Understand the proposal to require motor carriers with deficient compliance records to use electronic on-board recorders.
  4. Receive an update on the progress of the ongoing hours-of-service rulemaking activity.
  5. Get an overview of the regulatory landscape that affects fleets and the systems they use
  6. Find out how the US DoT evaluates new and innovative fleet management & safety systems under inspection today
  7. Understand which technologies are being evaluated by government and what investments will prove fruitful

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