New communication technologies for enhanced fleet applications

C.J. Driscoll & Associates Clem Driscoll
Co-Founder & President, C.J. Driscoll & Associates

T-Mobile John Horn
National Director, VAR Channel, T-Mobile

Verizon Mark Thompson
Director - Wholesale Business Solutions, Verizon

Peoplenet Communications Mark Kessler
VP of National Account Sales/Business Development, Peoplenet Communications

Tirestamp Neil Pearson
Chief Strategy Officer, Tirestamp

The potential of today’s advanced network communication capabilities is still currently untapped. Discover how network bandwidth no longer causes limitations

  1. Find out the impact of the new capabilities of advanced satellite, cellular networks and multi-modal modules?
  2. Learn how to use an existing black box for new real-time applications installed on a vehicle
  3. Understand the evolving role of the operator in building new applications
  4. Find out the extent to which connectivity still hinders mobile resource management
  5. Get an update on WiMAX and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication projects for fleet management systems

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