Smart sensors and active label technologies for 100% resource management Sylvia Karmanoff
Senior Director of Product Management,

Savi Networks Steve Sewell
Senior Vice President, Savi Networks

Skybitz Craig Malone
Senior Vice President Product Development, Skybitz

Experts predict that capital investment into supply chain visibility may reach up to $7 billion. Find out how the cash is being spent and how to ensure you get some of it.

  1. Get real word cases tudies of best practice RF solutions in varying cargo scenarios
  2. Find out how todays sensors can be networked with on-board systems and relay information from temperature to balance
  3. How ISO 18000-7 and IEEE 802.15.4 have allowed easy integration of RFID smart active labels into your solution
  4. Cargo sensor Innovations: the new potential for your solutions explained

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