Manage and integrate vast amount of data streams from numerous mobile assets

ABI Research David Alexander
Principal Analyst, ABI Research

Coca-Cola Chris Gaffney
Vice President of Logistics, Coca-Cola

Young & Partners Stefan Dedrie
Managing Partner, Young & Partners

Qualcomm Jim Rodi
Director, Business Development, Qualcomm

Sprint Nextel Corporation Ross Caplan
Sr. Manager, Business Development, Embedded Solutions, Sprint Nextel Corporation

Text, voice, navigation, vehicle diagnostics, sensors, RFID and so much more. Moving assets have continuous streams of data being sent back to the office coupled with driver communication that is so essential to shippers and logistics partners. Here’s how to automate the efficient organisation of data for auditing.

  1. Find out first hand what information one of the worlds biggest companies needs from its logistics processes, the challenges and what they look for in systems.
  2. How to organise communication between the vehicle and the back-office with the use of forms to automate organisation of data
  3. Manage the storage of text-based communication and data mining algorithms for audit analysis on
  4. How to integrate real-time traffic into CRM systems, with triggers to keep suppliers, customers and partners informed of the process

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