Map and traffic content integration in routing systems Sylvia Karmanoff
Senior Director of Product Management,

Inrix Ryan Glancy
Senior Director Business Development, Inrix

Richard Pearlman Consultants Rich Pearlman
Consultant, Richard Pearlman Consultants

ProMiles Tim Pilcher
President, ProMiles

Qualcomm Jim Rodi
Director, Business Development, Qualcomm

Effective routing is an essential component of any logistics system. Fuel efficiency is every operator’s concern. Find out how industry leaders are setting new standards of accuracy in routing, with fuel efficiency a very useful by-product

  1. Discover how navigation systems can promote compliancy and efficiency.
  2. Learn how to create systems that plan routes using real-time information (e.g. traffic) to minimise miles and maximise efficiency
  3. Make your routing systems more dynamic by redistributing routes on the fly to maximise efficiency
  4. Find out how to logistics hubs can automatically reroute vehicles via a navigation-based system

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