Cargo in transit: real time security strategies

QUALCOMM Gary Holderby
Customer Service Manager, QUALCOMM

Savi Networks Steve Sewell
Senior Vice President, Savi Networks

FreightWatch International Bill Games
President, FreightWatch International

Supply Chain Integrity Randy Amerine
Director, Business Development, Supply Chain Integrity

Find out which technologies are enabling the wide variety of freight consignments to be visible, safe and secure whilst in transit.

  1. Discover how multi-modal communication technologies can work in parallel to guarantee visibility
  2. Find out how geofencing technologies integrate with cargo security systems for innovative cargo security solutions
  3. Gain an in-depth understanding of the costs and benefits of hybrid GPS and time-stamped RFID integration
  4. Learn how to develop systems that are immune to cellular connectivity shortages and the security limitations of web based communication

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