Immediate and on demand fleet and cargo dispatch

QUALCOMM Gary Holderby
Customer Service Manager, QUALCOMM

Savi Networks Steve Sewell
Senior Vice President, Savi Networks

Garmins Chad Sallman
Business Development Manager, Garmins

Discrete Wireless Jeff Thacher
CEO, Discrete Wireless

KDJ Plumbing Judy Guyette
Operations Manager, KDJ Plumbing

It is the aim of every system supplier to react to the industry demands for lean logistics. Part of being lean is the ability to handle jobs in a just-in-time method, particularly for fleets involved in emergencies and rescue.

  1. Find out the essential hardware and software requirements for immediate dispatch systems.
  2. Understand the fleet management system modules required to be integrated and how to do so
  3. How to facilitate last minute on demand logistics services and automatically update on the fly routing systems
  4. Discuss industry best practice methods of converting existing solutions to make them capable of immediate dispatch

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